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11 Dimentional Light

* * *
11  Dimentional Light
Even one dot, can be seen as
a rod, or as a leash, or a sphere,
when angles are changed.

When you closely look at micro-world

of one small dot--still and solid--

you can feel it beeming and vibrating.

Giving more panoramic view to the dot,

you may see your conscious, world, and the universe.

And, if you further expand your awareness,

even an expanding huge cosmic space

can be seen
as one dot.

If cosmic space is one small dot,

you may be aware of another dimention of the universe.

At this point, you will recognize.

It is not only one universe

that you are reflecting on your eyes.

The the world is inside your conscious...

That cosmic space reside in your conscious...

And you will feel,

That you are connected with the universe...

That you and other people are connected...

That you and nature are connected...

Everytime when you look up to big sky,

Everytime when you watch broad ocean,

And everytime when you breathe,

You may gradually realize such sympathy.

When you pray for the healing of your dearest person,

When you pray for peace,

When you give love,

Vibrations of your heart, body, and soul,

will be hightened broadly and swiftly.

The vibration of the conscious,

by continuing to do so,

strengthens, and resonate with people around you,

sky, and cosmos.

The vibration of your prayer,

by purely accumulating,

reflects as on mirror to multiple dimention.

4 dimention, 7 dimention, and 11 dimention...

You will receive high dimentional light like shower.

Breathe peacefully.

Try to concentrate on your breath.

If you were filled with fear,

If you give way,

Or, if you almost give up,

Please concentrate on your breath again.

Repeat deep breathing.

Concentrate on your conscious

until your breath is still again.

'I'm alright.'

'Trust myself.'

'All things are connected.'

With these words and picture,

I hope your mind will be peaceful.

I hope you can see your true mind.

I hope you can charge your power.

I present you 11 Dimetional Light and Love.

Kazuki Okada

P.S...Hoping more people can feel something, 
I tried to explain 'awareness of vision' in plain words.
Personally, I feel there are much more higher dimensions than 11,
where our soul, as the exsistence of light can fly and trip.

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