Spiritual arts aim at 'the barrier-free consciousnesses'
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Spiritual心・魂 Healing癒し Arts

Here you can find more than 800 pieces of spiritual healing art on this official web site.
This is so far the largest in Japan, or the world largest number of pieces displayed by one artist in this area.

About 'Spiritual Healing Arts'
(January, 2000)

In this modern world, people's heart and mind are rapidly exposed to aging.
In Japan, many people began to use the word 'spiritual,' turning their eyes
to the importance of their status of heart and mind.
At the same time, not only in the field of self-development books,
but in the fields of art, music, and fashion, we can see increasing number
of pieces and commodities now intended to encourage
  'healing,' 'wellness,' 'happiness,' and 'ecology.'
Kazuki Okada has been working as a leading person
of the spiritual and healing art works. 
Although with many creative works such as painting, music, design, poetry,
and photographs, he feels the basis of his art works are always the same.
The existing art works and music of this field tend to be something soft
in its hues and melodies; but the spiritual healing arts created
by Okada place importance on conscious beyond five senses
such as invisible light and inaudible sounds.
Okada himself did not find his red-green blindness as a handicap
but one of his characteristics. 
He actually led his life with various handicapped people.
His art works are the expressions of the energy he felt
from his daily lives through cheering and healing those handicapped people.
Kazuki Okada's spiritual healing art works are energy
and light which he wishs to give to the 'consciousness' of each one of you
--the one and the only being with every characteristic and attribution.
Although everyone pray for compassionate society, abundant nature
and peaceful world, it is very difficult to eliminate prejudice
and discrimination between countries, people, sexes, diseases,
handicaps, religions, and thoughts in this diversified societies and values.
He thinks it rare for people's soul to be consoled
only through discussions and dialogues.
Therefore, Kazuki Okada, as an artist, wishes
for 'the barrier-free consciousnesses' in every phase.
He decides to continue giving the light of healing to people's
'body, mind, and soul' through his art works, music, literature and fashion.
 'The barrier-free consciousness,' in another words, is,
'compassionate heart and mind.'
Compassion between people and countries...

Compassion of people to animals, and compassion
of people for the nature...
He wishes the realization of compassionate society and the protection
of Mother Nature and the peaceful world, through love and compassion
of each one of you to others, to the earth, and to the bigger circle of love.
Through his art works, he wishs you can feel--even if it may be a little
-- the air or the light connected to the concepts
of  'healing,' 'wellness,' 'happiness,' 'compassion,' 'nature,'
'love,' 'peace,' and 'awareness.'

January, 2000

* * *
Healing Art Office Kazuki Okada
Official webite (English) http://www.kazukiokada.com/e/
Official webite (Japanese) http://www.kazukiokada.com/
( Ebina, Kanagawa Pref. Japan)

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