Helping people healed for their heart.
Kazuki Okada
donated his picture and a synthesizer.
A painter and a pianist,
Kazuki Okada donated a synthesizer
and a picture named ‘Christmas’ to a welfare institution.
‘I would like them to be healed
when they are here at this institution,’ he said.

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Yomiuri newspaper
読売新聞 1993年10月

「アート・トップ」芸術新聞社・刊 1994年1月

"Art Top" Art newspaper Co.,Ltd
「アート・トップ」芸術新聞社・刊 1994年1

Yomiuri newspaper
読売新聞 1990年9月

Newspaper article about Kazuki Okada
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No19: "Gekka Bijin Vol.2" (Kasakura Publisher Inc.)

No18: "Gekka Bijin" (Kasakura Publisher Inc.)

No13: "Five Senses" Japan Healing Relaxation Society

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No15: Spiritual monthly periodical "anemone"-2

No4: Shonan Journal Inc.

No17: Tokushu newspaper

No16: Town news Inc. -2

No7: Kanagawa newspaper

No5: Town news Inc. -1

No8: Sankei newspaper

No6: Dairy sports paper

No9: Izu newspaper -1

No1-3: Yomiuri newspaper -1

No1-3: Yomiuri newspaper -2

No1-3: "Art Top" Art newspaper Inc.

No10-12: Izu newspaper -2,3,4

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