A gifted healing artist finally appeared!
Kazuki Okada's 'Arts of Light' purifies your sorrow & attracts love.
Featuring special interview to Kazuki Okada, a gifted painter,
who has been performing many miracles!
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Monthly Magazine 'Chakra Vol.26' 13 Janualy issue' (AiiA Co., Ltd.)
Feature Article Kazuki Okada Spiritual Healing Art.
Produced original poetry and picture appendices.

月刊誌「チャクラChakra Vol.26 2013年1月号」 発行:アイア株式会社

Newspaper article about Kazuki Okada
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No21: "Chakura Vol.26 -2013.1" (AiiA Co., Ltd.)
「チャクラChakra Vol.26 -2013年1月号」(アイア株式会社)の記事はコチラ

No20: "Yuhobika 2011.11" (Yuhobika Publisher Co., Ltd.)
「ゆほびか 2011年11月号」(マキノ出版)の記事はコチラ

No19: "Gekka Bijin Vol.2" (Kasakura Publisher Co., Ltd.)

No18: "Gekka Bijin" (Kasakura Publisher Co., Ltd.)

No13: "Five Senses" Japan Healing Relaxation Society

No14: Spiritual monthly periodical "anemone"-1

No15: Spiritual monthly periodical "anemone"-2

No4: Shonan Journal Co., Ltd.

No17: Tokushu newspaper

No16: Town news Co., Ltd. -2

No7: Kanagawa newspaper

No5: Town news Co., Ltd. -1

No8: Sankei newspaper

No6: Dairy sports paper

No9: Izu newspaper -1

No1-3: Yomiuri newspaper -1

No1-3: Yomiuri newspaper -2

No1-3: "Art Top" Art newspaper Co., Ltd.

No10-12: Izu newspaper -2,3,4

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